CMO Week: The CMO playbook to changing industries — Mike Linton // CMO Coaches

Today we continue our series of conversations with another great CMO to understand how they navigated their way up the corporate ladder to become one of the most prominent marketers in the world. Joining us for the fourth installment of CMO Week is Mike Linton from CMO Coaches. Mike is Enterprise Chief Marketing Officer at Farmers Insurance Group of Companies, and he’s on the Board of Directors of Capella Education Company, The Wine Group, Allen Edmonds Shoe Company, and Peet's Coffee. Prior to these roles, Mike was CMO at eBay and Best Buy.

Show Notes

  • CMO Coaches Project (03:11)
    Since we learned a lot of valuable lessons on the various jobs, we thought it would be really helpful if we could collect all that wisdom, put it together, and then offer it to people who are currently in a CMO type role or a Head of Marketing role. The project is also suitable for people who are aspiring to become a CMO in the future.

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