Influencer marketing for early stage companies

Co-founder and CEO of Pixly, Lee Mills talks about early stage marketing tricks. As a startup, you might not have the budget to get the largest influencer out there. But influencer marketing is about more than just getting in front of the largest audience. Today, Lee discusses influencer marketing for early-stage companies.

Show Notes

  • 01:55
    Lees thoughts on early
    Lee brings over 20 years of experience with early-stage companies to the table. Working with startups involves doing what it takes to achieve growth.
  • 03:05
    Understanding influencer marketing
    Influencer marketing is about partnering with people who already have an established audience to get your marketing message out there.
  • 05:20
    Finding an influencer as an early
    Influencers are people who have a following. So on social media and at industry events are the best places to start looking.
  • 07:02
    How to choose the right influencer as a startup
    Startups generally dont have the budget for a large influencer. You want to get creative with your compensation model. And start with a more niche influencer.
  • 09:21
    The benefits of starting smaller
    When you work with an influencer that has a smaller audience youre more likely to get a direct response.
  • 10:51
    Getting started after partnering with an influencer
    The first step is to agree on a topic. From there the content is created and then the influencer disperses it throughout the different social media channels.
  • 11:45
    The influencer
    Its a collaborative effort. For you to make a personal connection with their audience, you need to build a relationship with the influencer. Your influencer is part of your team.


  • "I love startups because you have to do whatever it takes to show growth and show revenue and show users and show traction and prove out models." - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • "Influencer marketing is really a way to work with influencers that have an audience and get them to leverage that audience by introducing your product..." - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • "If they're good influencers and they're pushing out good content, you're probably going to find them on the first few pages of Google." - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • “I couldn't tell you what it would cost for the Kardashians to do a post, but its probably 6 figures or more. Other influencers, I know for a fact, are around 10 grand...” - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • “for an early stage startup, I'm trying to show app installs users, account expansion, growth revenue, more so than impressions and likes and followers.” - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • “We had Pixly mentioned on a blog post with several other industry tools and within a week, I got 10 beautiful organic leads...” - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • “In my experience, the micro influencers have more bang for the buck and more overall influence at least for my industry and what I'm working on right now.” - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • “I see people as team members, not as employees. And I always see influencers as an extension of that team. And I treat them as such.” - Lee Mills, Co-founder and CEO of Pixly

  • “it's really up to the influencer to find a way to create value for their audience in a way that highlights and promotes your brand.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

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