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In this third and final episode with Oren, we discussed how building your brand and direct and people coming to you directly is the primary growth channel for the Martech industry. We also discussed the referral growth and its correlation with organic traffic and why referral is an interesting channel in terms of predicting growth.
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Oren Greenberg


Oren is the Head of Fractional CMO's at Kurve, which is a hybrid agency and consultancy.

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    What the martech industry is doing to drive growth
    ?05:20 - What Orens research says about referral traffic


  • “Its very hard to get an insight that is very tangible and tactical so I think the overview is really interesting but trying to actually get deeper into it should be done on a specific cohort of websitess specific categories but Ill give you a quick breakdown of what that mix looks like.” - Oren

  • “First channel by far is direct which is not too surprising with 58% and if you think about direct, its pretty much a catch-all for everything. For example, I go and speak on a podcast and someone goes and checks my website, I dont know where that came from. Its just called and directed in my Google analytics and thats the biggest channel, so its a catch-all. Its just a little interesting but you can say that on average, I can expect 6% of my traffic to come from direct.” - Oren

  • “The next one which is also not surprising or maybe the percentage is, is organic search. An organic search which is the second largest channel has 37% of all the traffic. Every other channel effectively is competing for peanuts. So display is fractional, its like less than 1%, page search is only 1%, email is less than 1%, referrals is 3% and social is 1%. These cover the main key channels that the tool is able to capture.” - Oren

  • “So first off, the primary growth channel for the martech industry is building your brand and having people come to you directly and that gets into various difficult to track marketing channels, lets say podcasts. But just building your brand overall and then creating content. I think most brands in the martech industry are thinking about building their companies, starting to drive traffic, getting interest in their brand. Theyre thinking about an advertising strategy and it turns out that is driving a very small percentage of their growth.” - Ben

  • “I was also surprised that referral traffic is only 3%. I wasnt surprised by the paid being less than 1% in aggregate because generally from the 1940s until today, it was quite interesting is that advertising represents 1% of GDP per country on average so its interesting that its also 1% of all the traffic on average and also staggering to think how much money Facebook and Google are making from just one particular percent of all the traffic.” - Oren

  • “Now when we look at referral, it is the most interesting channel because its an indication of earned quality or word of mouth but effectively website linking to website earned media from press releases, maybe affiliate sites, blog posts, guest blog posts.” - Oren

  • “When we looked at the referral data, we found an interesting insight which was also unexpected. It was that business who tend to go into hypergrowth, those growing exponentially faster than their comparable alternatives and in the same category have an average of 11% so the overall average in the martech landscape is 3% but these guys have 11% and what that tells me is that someone is inching north of 3% progressively, they are going into a hyper state growth. Thats interesting for me as an investor, also in a vendor-selection process.” - Oren

  • “I understand that if youre inching above the industry average of 3% referral traffic and your referral traffic starts to crawl up towards 11% that is an indicator of growth.” - Ben

  • “I think when a product is really good and it solves a real problem in the market, it garners all of these things and the fame accelerates the growth that it is achieving. So I think thats why referral is a very interesting channel in terms of a predictor.” - Oren

  • “I think there is the idea of when you build something thats great, people talk about it and so youre getting some high-profile links. I also think that the marketing strategy starts to change when you go into a growth phase.” - Ben

  • “I would be curious to see not only what happens when you see referral traffic spike but is there an increase in organic traffic because you end up getting more links when people are writing about you so does your organic traffic increase as well.” - Ben

  • “I reckon from experience whats going on now with referral traffic is that it doesnt relay as much traffic as it used to. People arent really clicking those backlinks as much. I think youre getting authority and that domain authority if youre producing consistent content is going to help you in the long term, if you have a focused SEO strategy and youre executing consistently.” - Oren

  • “Seeing your referral traffic as a percentage go from 3% to 11% is not a huge jump. Were talking about an increase of 8% but it is a great indicator that you are getting somewhere and people are talking about you. If thats the case and youre starting to see referral traffic, that means that youre building your brand.” - Ben

  • “The people who would like the access to data when its released live or they want to join the waiting list then they can find the link” - Oren

  • “Were going through an enrichment project for the MarTech podcast list not necessarily to understand the traffic pattern but to understand who are the people that are working in the martech industry and whether some of the growth trends that you can pick out from when companies are hiring for specific job titles or specific functions.” - Ben

About the speaker

Oren Greenberg


Oren is the Head of Fractional CMO's at Kurve, which is a hybrid agency and consultancy.

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