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Director of marketing and global messaging at Hubspot, Marwa Greaves ends Marketing Automation Week talking about how to internationalize marketing automation. It’s about more than just translating language for different regions. Your automations also need to be inclusive to the different nuances of each culture. Today, Marwa concludes the conversation on how to build an effective marketing fly trap.

Show Notes

  • 02:14
    Marketing automation worldwide
    Your marketing automation should be inclusive and relevant to the different regions you reach. Take time to understand the different cultures and what it takes to be successful in each place.
  • 04:39
    International marketing automation rules
    Focus on language and tone first. Always double check your form fields to make sure theyre inclusive. Then you can start looking at preferred business channels in different regions.
  • 06:56
    Marketing automation handles on Twitter
    You can find marketing automation info on Twitter from newsletters like The Daily Carnage, as well as People Of Color In Tech (POCIT).
  • 07:36
    Integrating people into international marketing automation
    Global events do impact the traffic that you get. There might be less people reaching out. Monitor your data and keep communication open with your teams so you can staff accordingly.
  • 09:17
    The acceptable volume of information in different regions
    Know who youre targeting. People in different regions approach your business with varying expectations. So ensure youre providing the right information in the right format.
  • 11:17
    Marketing automation resources
    The Hubspot blog has many resources for marketing automation. You can also check out the Hubspot Automation Blueprint series.


  • "We had to adjust our tone in automated emails, rather than just localizing what we had in English. The tone didn't match how our prospects did business in that region." - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • "With marketing automation, even though the intent is there, it can actually not be inclusive of your customers and prospects..." - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • "It's a constant conversation with your sales team of how to properly staff and how to make sure that the volume is worth the head count investment there." - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • “You can't always grow head count with inbound demand, but look at what the expectations are in certain regions.” - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • “We've worked really closely with our research team to see not only what are the expectations of our prospects, but how do they prefer to learn and buy?” - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

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