How to figure out what to automate?

Marwa Greaves, the director of marketing and global messaging at Hubspot, talks about how to build a more efficient marketing fly trap. There are many moving parts to consider when thinking about automation. So what should be your approach to this process? Today, Marwa sheds some light on how to figure out what to automate.

Show Notes

  • 02:11
    Figuring out where to start with marketing automation
    To start, find out from your teams what tasks they think could be automated. Then assess your content, with the intent to make information more concise and easier to access.
  • 04:21
    Effort versus Impact
    When choosing what to automate, look at it as effort versus impact. Dont automate a process if you end up sacrificing your customer experience.
  • 08:57
    Automating to enhance user experience
    Automation is not just for difficult internal tasks. You can make the process easier for your prospects. Start answering their questions by providing guidance or information upfront.
  • 10:16
    Channel automation
    Before you think about adopting a new channel, look at the channels youre already using. And start automation with the ones you use the most.
  • 12:16
    Marketing automation on a large scale
    It all boils down to the leaders of the company setting shared goals. Also, open up communication channels with your frontline team to get their perspective and buy-in.


  • "Managed and in a consistent method, its easier to configure presentations and easier to give them and more concise messages." - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • "Every presentation is a story, and every slide is the scene." - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • "Society because of media has been programmed to make excellent emotional slides. Every meme is a slide. Imagine if your presentation was 5 really effective memes..." - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • “We've been doing them all the time continually, but for some reason it's been not considered as part of the marketing mix now to bring it to your marketing mix...” - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • “It turns into a publishing model where the marketing people publish a structured library of slides that anyone in your organization can tap into and retell a story about your company.” - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • “There's a lot of money spent in marketing that never gets reused. And presentation management is the way you reuse marketing dollars.” - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • “With Shufflrr the presentation follows the conversation, as opposed to the presentation forcing the conversation.” - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • “If you don't trust my presentation, when I'm sitting here, I don't think you're going to get the sale.” - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

  • “The biggest problem marketers have with their slides is they don't have a tool to manage them. They spray and pray.” - James Ontra, CEO & Co-Founder, Shufflrr

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