Automating the Marketing & Sales Handoff — Marwa Greaves // Hubspot

Marwa Greaves, director of marketing and global messaging at Hubspot continues the discussion on how to build an effective marketing fly trap. Having a bot on your website is just the first step. You also need to ensure that your prospects don’t just get led to a dead end. Today, Marwa talks about how to automate the marketing and sales hand-off.

Show Notes

  • 02:06
    Automation in the sales and marketing hand
    Talk to your sales team to find out repetitive processes that are part of every customer interaction. And automate those for a smoother experience both internally and for the prospect.
  • 03:20
    How to approach handing off from bot to sales
    Always provide the option to speak to someone in sales. Outside of business hours, set the right expectations. Give prospects the option to send an email or set up a meeting at a later date.
  • 04:54
    Delighting your customers when you miss a chat
    Your sales team wont always be available. So when prospects leave a message or book a meeting, ensure someone follows up asap. Its a good idea to provide additional resources on the chat until someone reaches out.
  • 06:29
    Meeting your customers where they are
    When picking up with a customer from a conversation with a bot, knowing where they left off is important. For this, your sales team should have access to the customer's contact record.
  • 07:38
    Different forms of marketing automation
    Its not always as simple as handing someone over to the next team. Sometimes there are multiple levels to pass through to fully satisfy the customer. So there are different types of marketing automation for these scenarios.
  • 09:14
    Marketing automation with high
    Once you identify that a prospect is high-value, get them human help asap. You dont want to interrupt the conversation with unnecessary automation for these customers.
  • 10:44
    Get sales and marketing on the same page with marketing automation
    Automation is a highly experimental field so be prepared to fail fast and move on. To do this, you need to build trust with your sales team by having shared goals.
  • 13:00
    Marketing automation outside of sales
    Start with an understanding of your goals first. Take an experimental approach so youre open to regrouping and relaunching when necessary.
  • 15:39
    Too much marketing automation
    When your segmenting does not match up to your returns, theres too much marketing automation going on. Efficiency is more than just filling the gaps So look at it in terms of time-spent and scalability.


  • "1 of the things that we do is understanding that were going to miss chats… We also have our sales team actively reach out on the Monday morning after. " - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • "You need to be able to fail fast, fix it, and then move on. But that starts with building trust with your sales team." - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • "If sales isnt responding fast enough, maybe we're sending too many low quality chats that you can't get to the high quality ones. That's why we have a shared goal." - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • “We want to understand that at the bottom line, what we are trying to solve for is revenue for the business and or a delightful customer experience.” - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

  • “With good automation, youre not just becoming efficient in terms of replacing head count with automation, but you're doing it in a delightful and scalable way.” - Marwa Greaves, Director of Marketing & Global Messaging, Hubspot

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