Influencer Seeding: an untapped marketing strategy — David Morneau // inBeat Agency

inBeat Agency’s Co-Founder, David Morneau, wraps up discussions about using influencers to grow your business. When brands are scouting for influencers, quite a few challenges may arise. These range from large costs associated with Macro-influencers to having to go through negotiations with an agency. So, today David talks about Influencer Seeding, your untapped marketing strategy.
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David Morneau

inBeat Agency

 - inBeat Agency

David is Co-Founder at inBeat Agency

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  • 02:44
    Looking for influencers when youre unable to find Micro
    Ideally, you want to partner with Nano-influencers by giving them your product with no strings attached. Their appeal lies in not having worked with numerous brands.
  • 04:56
    How to choose the right Nano
    Youre looking at their reach and their content, and sending them products. From that pool, youll then determine who the top ones are and retain them.
  • 07:15
    Untrustworthy brands and influencers
    Influencer and brand partnerships only work when you have your brand figured out. Shady influencer outreach tactics can lead to higher costs and lower engagement levels.
  • 08:46
    Conveying brand legitimacy through your outreach
    Have a sensible website and a good following on Instagram. Followers are a metric of trust on Instagram.
  • 09:43
    How brands should prioritize influencers
    Macro-influencers work well on TikTok. Micro-influencers are ideal for content needs. Nano-influencers work best with brands looking to tap into new markets with a low cost product.


  • "Usually you can get away with product seeding with Nano-influencers. You can give them free products, with a no string attached model, and they'll post." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Nano-influencers are a very interesting approach to scale significantly because your cost is your product. The rest is just getting, managing, and onboarding these influencers at scale." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Nano-influencers have collaborated with just a handful of brands. Micro-influencers may have collaborated with three brands in the last week. The level of trust is diminished there." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Nano-influencers work really well for products that have a cost of $20 to $30, or $40." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "You might not want to post about a product to your followers. And you wouldnt respond to our email or our DM for that matter. But if you do, then it becomes an untapped opportunity." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "These influencer things only work if you've got the brand figured out. If you have a shady looking brand, people arent going to react well to your outreach." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "A decent amount of followers on Instagram and a website are the two things people look at when considering whether your products or services are actually legitimate." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Oh, you have 20,000 followers. That's pretty legit and thats really the factor that's going to differentiate you. As stupid as it sounds, followers are the metric of trust on Instagram." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "On TikTok, macro-influencers work well if you look at them from a CPM basis and your product is visually pleasing in the sense that it can be displayed in video really well." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Theres high perceived value on the influencers part because they're getting something that's worth $100, while the costs are minimal for you." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "You can work with a hundred Nano-influencers for $2,000 to $3,000 worth of product, plus your fees to handle all the hassle." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

About the speaker

David Morneau

inBeat Agency

 - inBeat Agency

David is Co-Founder at inBeat Agency

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