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Co-Founder of inBeat Agency, David Morneau, continues discussions about using influencers to grow your business. In marketing, paid social teams are always on the hunt for user and influencer-generated content to power their new ads. Likewise social media teams always need new content to post. Today, David looks into content crowdsourcing that fuels social growth.
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David Morneau

inBeat Agency

 - inBeat Agency

David is Co-Founder at inBeat Agency

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  • 02:19
    Ways you can crowdsource content to grow your social channels
    Brands can look to Micro-influencers as a means of outsourcing the content creation process. Then they can keep working with the best ones on an ongoing basis.
  • 04:16
    Crowdsourcing content at scale
    With Micro-influencers, you can expect to pay hundreds of dollars per piece of content. You can also incentivize your customer base to create content through testimonials and hashtags.
  • 06:24
    Results from Micro
    For informational and good quality content on products, Micro-influencers are best. For testimonials and like content, its best to tap directly into your customer base.
  • 07:48
    Content creation process for Micro
    After determining content needs using a mood board approach, the right influencers or customers are chosen. You can incentivize customers in order to use their content in ads.
  • 09:18
    Using customer shared posts without offering compensation
    While it can be done, it really boils down to attribution. Permission should be sought to reuse both customer content and content from influencers to protect your brand.
  • 13:33
    Determining the value achieved from crowdsourced content
    You can look at the areas in which your performance increases. You can also look at the return on ad spend and social media lifts from resharing influencer content.


  • "Typically, two teams are tied into the Micro-influencer marketing playbook. You've got the paid media team, and you've got the social media team." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "The paid media team looks for user-generated and influencer-generated content to power their new ads, test different variations, and get new markets." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Micro-influencers are a great way to create that content pipeline that you need to power these paid media and social media teams in your eCommerce business." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "There's two ways that you can crowdsource your content at scale. Through Micro-influencers, where content quality will be higher, or through your customer base." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "We work with a lot of brands that will get customer-driven content by incentivizing them to create content through a hashtag. That's a way to drive a constant stream of user-generated content." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "When you go the Micro-influencer route, you can expect to pay a couple hundred to a thousand dollars per piece of content, depending on the complexity of what you're looking for." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Targeting Hispanic women aged 25 -34, is easy. You can get people that match your target audience, create content towards that audience, deploy it in your Facebook ads, and measure the results." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "If you're looking to collect testimonial based content, you're gonna get much better results with people that actually love your product." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "You don't want to have someone saying, this skincare cream isn't amazing, but I haven't tried it nor do I care, and this is a paid collaboration. That has a level of trust of about zero." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "If you're looking to do feature-driven content, it doesn't really matter if the person has used the product before. You have to have someone that's good at creating the content." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "You want to create inspiration for multiple types of content. Then, it's about finding the right influencers or clients against that type of content that you're looking to create." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "Unlike the influencers where you've probably built in a clause in your contract asking for copyrights, with customers, you dont have rights to their content." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "With a piece of content that you really like, you can write to the person that we'd love to use your content in our ads. We can compensate you X, Y, Z for it. Would that be interesting for you?" -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "It's okay to repost an influencer's post to your Instagram page and mention them. If someone decides to repurpose your podcast to promote their network, then it becomes a bit different." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

  • "If you're dealing with your existing customers and you tick them off, that's very bad for you as a brand, right. You want to make sure that they're okay with you reusing their content." -David Morneau, inBeat Agency, Co-Founder

About the speaker

David Morneau

inBeat Agency

 - inBeat Agency

David is Co-Founder at inBeat Agency

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