Web3’s impact in Permission-based advertising — Charlie Silver // Permission.io

Charlie Silver, Permission.io CEO, discusses permission-based marketing benefits, and value exchange in advertising. Mounting regulations and user concerns about data privacy have altered advertising. Brands must now seek permission to use personal data, and consumers don’t always opt-in. Today, Charlie looks at the impact of permission-based advertising.
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Charlie Silver


 - Permission.io

Charlie is CEO of Permission.io

Show Notes

  • 02:24
    Brands now have to ask to use personal and web tracking data, due to regulations. Consumers want more control of their data and privacy and arent granting this permission.
  • 04:08
    How Web 3 is giving users more control of data
    Web 3s crypto blockchain components enables brands to offer crypto rewards. These can be offered to users as an incentive to opt-in and share their data.
  • 05:19
    Why blockchain is providing more control for consumers in advertising
    Blockchains are good at transactions and tracking them. They are not suited for storing other types of data outside of transactions.
  • 06:35
    Using blockchain technology to keep record of data use consent
    Currently, traditional databases are the best ways to store those records. Blockchains are better equipped to handle financial transactions.
  • 07:23
    How people are approaching advertising
    Brands have to offer consumers something valuable in exchange for their data. Crypto is a way for them to provide that value, while building trust.
  • 09:19
    The impact of data restriction on what marketers are doing today
    Theyve already started to offer value in exchange for data through content, rewards points, etc. This is also a great use case for crypto because of all its features.
  • 10:35
    How rewards based marketing will affect large platforms
    Bing already offers rewards for use. Amazon, Google, and Facebook are expected to make provisions for advertisers to offer some form of value in exchange for an opt-in.
  • 12:25
    Consumer companies and reward programs
    They recognize that consumers are looking for reward programs that offer real value. Permission.io is enabling smaller businesses to make these types of offers.


  • "There's a lot of talk about what Web 3 is. But there's one core principle, which is that individuals will be in control of their data and their experiences." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Now, brands have to ask permission in order to use personal data and web tracking data. In large, people say no. We're seeing that in the Apple ecosystem." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "The reason we call it Web 3 is that we're enabling brands to offer crypto rewards, to get individuals to opt-in and share their data." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Today, blockchain isnt really playing a role in data transfer. What blockchains are really good at are transactions and tracking transactions. And it's an immutable record." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Traditional databases do a fine job in terms of storing data and other records. Blockchains are really good at financial transactions and I don't see that changing anytime soon." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Data is the fuel that runs the internet. Data is the fuel that drives advertising." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "In years to come, it's going to be standard that brands deliver something of value in order to engage with users, gather their data, and get them to opt-in." Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Rewards points, gift cards, and content have often been used as value in order to get somebody to opt-in." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Crypto can be used as value to get somebody to opt-in because it's digital, easily transferable, liquid, and it appreciates. " -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Rewards marketing or loyalty marketing is growing at 20% annually, and is going to continue and work its way into all of digital advertising." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "Only 8% of the population uses Bing. But, every time you use Bing, you get Microsoft reward points." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "I absolutely believe that Google, Facebook, and Amazon, will allow advertisers to offer some form of value in exchange for an opt-in." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

  • "For 99% of businesses, it's a difficult thing to administer a rewards program. Were enabling businesses that advertise, to offer a digital crypto reward, and consumers are looking for it." -Charlie Silver, Permission.io, CEO

About the speaker

Charlie Silver


 - Permission.io

Charlie is CEO of Permission.io

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