The evolution of B2B customer experience — Michael McLaren // Merkle B2B

Merkle B2B’s Global CEO, Michael McLaren, wraps up discussions on B2B marketing in 2022. Similar to the evolving nature of B2C customer experience, B2B customer experiences are also evolving rapidly. B2B marketers must keep up or risk being left behind in this digitally-driven, competitive space. Today, Michael explores the evolution of B2B customer experiences
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Michael McLaren

Merkle B2B

 - Merkle B2B

Michael is Global CEO at Merkle B2B

Show Notes

  • 02:31
    The B2B customer experience
    Customers expect companies to use historical data to recognize them and inform their experience. Buyers expect to move through the companys digital ecosystem seamlessly.
  • 05:54
    Privacy concerns in B2B customer experiences
    The more relevant a customer deems the experience with your brand is the more theyll be willing to provide personal information to you.
  • 08:08
    Changes to the B2B customer lifecycle
    Buyer decisions are guided by the risks involved. While the purchasing process has generally been reduced, larger purchases still require a lot of thought before commitment.
  • 09:56
    Keeping customer attention
    To keep customers engaged, its all about relevance. You want to ensure that the content and offers being served to them are based on things they have genuine interest in.
  • 12:23
    The overlap between B2B and B2C marketing
    B2C experiences are informing the B2B buying experience. B2B businesses can convert more digital engagements to transactions seamlessly due to consumerization.
  • 13:55
    Taking advantage of data to improve B2B marketing
    First-party data, along with CRM platforms are being used to expand engagement with customers. Third-party data is being used to build supersets and to help enhance targeting.


  • "Organizations are required to recognize customers, apply insight from the data that they have on them, and then to build an experience for them thats relevant, using that data." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "The B2B customer experience has been transformed by the growing capabilities of the connected marketing clouds, and the ability to thread data and identity through the digital experience." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "As a prospective buyer moves through a brands digital ecosystem, are they moving from an email exchange, to experience, to a commerce transaction engine in a seamless way?" -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "With unknown users, the first hurdle is privacy. How do we encourage them to opt into an engagement? GDPR and the CCPA have provided good guide rails on doing that." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "You can move from completely unaware to purchase in two clicks. It all depends on the level of risk associated with the purchase they're making." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "In general, the purchase process has collapsed and is much shorter now. But, there's still a lengthy consideration process for large-scale purchase decisions." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "The holy grail is to try to engage a customer, ideally in a two-way exchange, in a highly relevant environment. That's the best way to keep their attention and keep them engaged." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "Static publishing platforms are a thing of the past. Increasingly you want a very dynamic experience, that's conforming on the fly. This is why the big software stacks are so important." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "You can create a web experience from a component-based model that conforms based on what we know about that prospect or customer. You're serving them content based on their interests." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "A B2B business is able to push their digital engagements through to transactions in a very seamless manner because of the consumerization of B2B. That behavior did not exist 10 plus years ago." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "With first-party data, you do an identity match through Adobe or through Salesforce, and you use those platforms to connect the dots and expand the engagement with the customers." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

  • "You're using third party data to enhance your targeting in paid media online. You're trying to target the folks that are most likely to be high potential audiences for you." -Michael McLaren, Merkle B2B, Global CEO

About the speaker

Michael McLaren

Merkle B2B

 - Merkle B2B

Michael is Global CEO at Merkle B2B

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