Privacy Week: Online Advertising Guidelines // Kasey Chappelle — GoCardless

Joining us for the fourth episode of Privacy Week is Kasey Chappelle, who is a world-renowned online privacy advocate and the Data Protection Officer for GoCardless. So far this week Kasey has walked us through some general rules for privacy, what GDPR means, how to safely capture data, and the rules for email marketing. Today we're excited to talk about online advertising and the things you need to know to protect your business and your customers.

Show Notes

  • Benjamin: Welcome back to Privacy Week on the MarTech podcast. This podcast is sponsored by Searchmetrics. Searchmetrics sets the standard for innovation and the content and search engine optimization industry. They support businesses who care about understanding both how to use content as a marketing channel and how to improve their organic rankings in Google. If you're an enterprise level marketer, the searchmetrics suite of software and services will help you optimize your existing content, help you understand what topics need to cover next, and how to ensure that your writers produce effective cuffs. There are billions of google searches happening every day and searchmetrics gets your stories to the top.
    Benjamin: This week we're doing a deep dive into a subject that is critically important to marketers, every industry, business and channel of marketing privacy. For those of you who are just joining us, we're publishing an episode every day this week related to the rules of online privacy.

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