Mastering your eCommerce Marketing Mix — Devrin Carlson-Smith // Finch

Ben and Devrin Carlson-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of Finch, talks about how you can develop a sustainable growth strategy for your eCommerce business. What makes your eCommerce strategy sustainable? It all comes down to how you distribute your resources. Ben and Devrin detail how you can distribute your time, budget, and other resources effectively across channels to maximize your returns.

Show Notes


  • “One of the big misnomers that's happening and has been going on for years is that the marketing stack and your media spend is designed to run a campaign to get results.”

  • “You need to lift your eyes off the campaign structure and create a longer horizon and purview towards a 12 month or an 18 month persistent strategy that continues to evolve. And adaptation is the key phrase there.”

  • “So you spend $1 and you get a row as of 1.3, that sounds pretty good. I spent a dollar, I got a dollar 30 back. That's pretty good, but that's a row as of 1.3, which is not really good when it comes to the long-term business impact of the dollars you're bringing in the door.”

  • “ involves keeping a growth mindset that says what worked in the past is not guaranteed to be my only sequence for growing in the future.”

  • “And one of the big things to get over is to position this as really a growth mindset that says, okay, I'm going to stop doing campaigns and expecting increased return over time.”

  • “We've come to a point where software can actually play a role on behalf of the brands to get the most out of the best channels that fit their needs.”

  • “The more that you understand how to effectively target and evaluate what's working in real time, the better performance marketer you're going to be.”

  • “They don't ultimately serve the brands that are providing for them because there's less control and transparency associated with those types of turnkey, automated campaigns.”

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