Setting your eCommerce KPIs — Devrin Carlson-Smith // Finch

Ben and Devrin Carlson-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of Finch, discuss the future of eCommerce marketing. Now that we know the available tools and how the landscape has changed throughout the years. How can we prepare for the future? eCommerce marketers need to move away from just the transactional strategies. Ben and Devrin dive into what you will need as a marketer to sustain business growth.

Show Notes


  • “I think marketers are becoming independent thinkers to the point where they're decoupling themselves from exactly what's being told and how they should spend their money online.”

  • “I think people are going to start looking a little bit broader and recognizing that to grow brand equity, to grow sales, to grow a customer base, to get return customers coming back. It's going to take a little bit more than this knee jerk, transactional kind of mindset.”

  • “If I were thinking about what marketing independence looks like, I think it would involve a healthy balance between as much of their brand equity growing strategies that are necessary.”

  • “I do think that the paid piece remains of paramount importance. They have to be able to drive top, middle, and lower funnel down to conversion, and then through a CDP through lifetime value that it's not going away.”

  • “I'm very bullish on where machine learning, deep learning and AI are going to take us. I think they're going to have different applications in different contexts.”

  • “I'm optimistic that that will continue to go through ebbs and flows. We're going to have periods of contraction and in periods of expansion. And as long as we have free access to the internet, these things are going to continue to evolve and be positive over time.”

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