Is your E-Commerce revenue growth paid or owned? — Devrin Carlson-Smith // Finch

Ben chats with Chief Strategy Officer of Finch, Devrin Carlson-Smith about effectively navigating the eCommerce landscape. Are you wondering about how to approach eCommerce in 2021? Devrin and Ben get into detail about how you can understand and benefit from today’s eCommerce landscape. eCommerce is an ever-evolving industry so you need to keep up with the changes to remain relevant.

Show Notes


  • “There's a lot of moving pieces today in MarTech and specifically in e-commerce between third-party tracking cookies and update 14.5 with our advertising stuff, there's privacy concerns. And then there's just the growing changes in where you can go and sell your products. ”

  • “Would you ever buy a bed online 10, 15 years ago or a house or a car? Some of these categories have basically pushed the envelope where we now have consumer trust and we had convenience and new categories that are opening.”

  • “50% of e-commerce right now is happening on mobile phones...”

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