What’s your ideal E-Commerce success setup? — Devrin Carlson-Smith // Finch

Ben and Devrin Carlson-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of Finch, talk about the modern eCommerce MarTech stack. You need to be using the right tools not only from a marketing standpoint but also from an analytical standpoint. High-tier companies have the budget and resources to take advantage of the marketing climate today. So how can smaller companies stay relevant and compete?

Show Notes


  • “I think that going back 10 years ago, the disparate number of tools that you're using was a problem.”

  • “You can get a Google studio to tell you everything that's going on inside of Google. But if we're talking about a growth mindset that says you should be having a little bit in multiple places, then how many different studios do you actually need to see a snapshot of all your data in one place?”

  • “Now the question I have about whether the CDP is the best place for aggregating and normalizing that data is something that I'm not fully comfortable with. I think they ultimately have a role to play, but they're operating kind of like a CRM in that capacity.”

  • “...a C-suite person who is looking towards more of a longer horizon with visualization tools to help them rationalize in their head, how 30 different campaigns could be running simultaneously and how they make sense of that in a KPI that they can use in their boardrooms.”

  • “...what we've identified is that the platforms themselves are more valuable or as valuable when we opened them up to our clients, who've been telling us all along, this is exactly what they have not had to be able to make sense of the media landscape.”

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