Blow up silos with Next-Gen Advertising Management — Devrin Carlson-Smith // Finch

Ben and Devrin Carlson-Smith, Chief Strategy Officer of Finch, talks about the eCommerce playbook for your business. What does it take to be successful at eCommerce? You have to first know how to define and create a growth strategy tailored to your business. Ben and Devrin detail the value of data analytics to your growth strategy.

Show Notes


  • “The agencies are trying to step in and basically provide a strategy that says, look, we know what to do. We know where to buy it. We know how to set your creative.”

  • “If you're a Unilever, you're going to have the best of the best from all the media marketing agencies pouring over with huge resource pools, a lot of homegrown software, and a lot of high touch activation. That's fantastic.”

  • “But if you're not one of those fortune 500 companies or you're somewhere in between and you're growing fast, you've got to make a call. And part of your call is what is my think tank horsepower portion of my engine, going to look like, will I bank a lot of this on an agency to drop the plans and then have us execute it?”

  • “The things that you need to consider, you know, what's the growth size of your company? How much first party data do you have, really? Where is your bread buttered? What should you own? Where are you going to specialize?”

  • “So you need to maybe spend more or piggyback off an incumbent so that you can get the halo effect.”

  • “...spend 80% of your budget on what you know works and 20% of your budget figuring out what works.”

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