The Future of Customer Data & Omni-Channel Communication — Tink Taylor // Dot Digital

Welcome to Customer Engagement Week on the MarTech podcast. Each day this week we've taken a deep dive into the ways you can appropriately engage with your most valuable assets: your customer relationships. Joining us is Tink Taylor, Founder and President at dotDigital, which is the global leader in customer engagement technology. Today, we end the week by discussing the future of customer engagement and how data privacy and ethics are gonna play a huge role in how you think about reaching your customers.

Show Notes

  • The Impact of Government Regulations on Customer Engagement (02:51)
    GDRP is a good thing. I worked for the Direct Marketing Association in the UK and a lot of things that weve done there included building guidance, best practices, etc. It was always about taking the interests of the consumer and ensuring that brands are being honest about what data they are collecting, how they are collecting it, for how long theyre going to keep it, etc.

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