Top 3 trends in performance marketing for 2022 — Zach Morrison // Tinuiti

Zach Morrison, CEO of Tinuiti, talks about the future of performance marketing. Data has transformed user behaviour, marketing, and technology. However, with data privacy regulations and general consumer concern, brands will have to tap into first-party data like never before. Today, Zach shares his performance marketing predictions for 2022.
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Zach Morrison


 - Tinuiti

Zach is CEO of Tinuiti

Show Notes

  • 02:29
    The transitive property of marketing
    Marketing is in the process of going digital which is making it more measurable. All marketing will eventually become performance marketing.
  • 04:24
    Technology and traditional marketing channels
    Marketers are taking advantage of the data acquired from integrating digital components into traditional marketing channels. This gives them more information on attribution.
  • 07:22
    Retail media trends for 2022
    Retail media is expected to continue increasing as in-store marketing and online advertising converge.
  • 08:30
    The changing retail marketing experience
    To provide better consumer experiences, retail players are combining online and offline data to better integrate the overall experience.
  • 09:30
    Convergence of TV, social, and commerce
    Brands are increasing their buying power and millennials and Gen Z consumers. Theyre looking at consumption patterns through all these channels to do better targeting.
  • 11:03
    Streaming audio and video
    This is the reason for the convergence of TV, social, and commerce. Streaming helps you to understand your customers interest and to propose the most fitting eCommerce options.
  • 11:54
    Combination of OTT and Linear TV
    Streaming, OTT, and Connected TV, are steadily rising and becoming one entity.
  • 12:33
    Data, technology, and user behaviour
    Most modern devices are Connected TV. So, consumer data is being fed into a centralized OTT universe, which inevitably influences marketing tactics, and eventually, user behaviour.
  • 13:27
    Why TV media buying is more digitally focused and targeted
    Advertisers can use streaming to do full-funnel performance marketing. And that's why more and more brands are investing in the streaming space.
  • 14:50
    Balancing data privacy regulations and targeting needs in 2022
    Targeting and measurement will be based on first-party data. Some brands have already started making use of this data for privacy first marketing analysis.
  • 15:50
    Implications of losing access to third
    Businesses that have a diversified approach to first-party data have not felt the effects just yet. They are likely to be impacted when the cookie deprecation is fully rolled out.


  • "The definition of measurable marketing could be described as performance marketing. Therefore, with the transitive property, all marketing is going to be performance marketing." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Whether you go to a mall, movie, or an event, there are digital aspects being brought in." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Digital doesn't necessarily mean online. I was in a convenience store pharmacy and the doors of the fridge are now digital screens. They have programmatic advertising." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "All marketing is using digital to its advantage, which will allow it to become much more measurable." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Performance doesn't have to be the sale. You can look at podcast data in a performance mindset. You have much more data than a terrestrial radio station has around what's going on, and where people are." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Whether we're talking about Amazon, Target, Walmart, or Kroger, retail media has been rising in 2021." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "The worlds of shopper marketing and online marketplace advertising are converging and starting to become a self-contained ecosystem." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "There's this convergence of TV, social and commerce. Putting all these things together increases the millennial and Gen Z consumers buying power." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Another trend for 2022 is the world of OTT and Linear is gone. It's going to become one thing and flexible video buying across all of these mediums is rising." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "You can use television and streaming to do full funnel performance marketing. You can look at views, impressions, GRPs, as well as sales and TV." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Many B2C, fast moving brands, are moving tons of dollars into the streaming space." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Targeting and measurement will really live and die based on first-party data as a brand is able to understand and activate it." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Conglomerates like Amazon, are creating data clean rooms because data privacy is not coming, its already here." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Many businesses that had a vast majority of their budgets and growth come from social, or mediums that they can't fully track and understand anymore. These brands had their head-on collisions." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

  • "Brands that have had a diversified approach, have not dealt with the collision yet. Their collision will be when the cookie deprecation comes 12 to 36 months from now." -Zach Morrison, CEO, Tinuiti

About the speaker

Zach Morrison


 - Tinuiti

Zach is CEO of Tinuiti

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