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Joe Yakuel, Founder and CEO of WITHIN, talks about the overlap between brand and performance marketing. There are many moving parts when it comes to which part of your marketing works. While tools can provide limited information in relation to understanding attribution, they don't tell the entire story. Today, Joe breaks down the topic of unlocking marketing attribution.
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Joe Yakuel



Joe is Founder and CEO of WITHIN

Show Notes

  • 02:26
    How to unlock marketing attribution
    Brands today need to utilize a combination of marketing mix modeling (MMM), multi-touch attribution modeling (MTA), and incrementality testing.
  • 05:29
    Correctly attributing value to marketing channels
    Individual tools have bias. Its really about tying everything back to incrementality instead of using one tool to look at attribution.
  • 08:25
    Difference between MMM and MTA
    MMA aims to understand a macro view of your marketing based on historical data. MTA is a real-time tool that aims to tie individual marketing touch points to conversion events.
  • 11:04
    How companies can figure out which model is right for them
    This is dependent on whether your media and sales are online or offline. Ideally, companies should be combining MMM and MTA approaches.


  • "Attribution in and of itself is not something that's new to marketing. It's something that everyone has always tried to figure out." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "The incremental impact to the business of every marketing touchpoint is what we're trying to go after these days." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "The changes that have come through iOS14 are certainly a big part of where attribution is now going and how it's heading in a different direction." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "With iOS 14 coming in, platforms like Google have much less visibility into how they can stitch individual ad touch points back to consumer behavior and transactions." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "In today's world, it's a mix of MMM, MTA, and then incrementality testing. So it's a mix of art and science. If you have those three things together, you're able to really understand what's happening." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "Individual tools have bias. Google analytics is a last-click tool, for the most part. While you can use different attribution models within it, it doesnt see how things are happening across devices." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "Real-time changes are really hard for the MMM to understand and account for." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "MTA has to understand the individual touch points better than MMM does. Things that don't end up tying out in MTA will not tie back to a channel. MMM will because it is based on correlation." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "MTA is bottom-up and stitches things together from the touch-point of the ad unit to the conversion event. MMM is a top-down view that ties correlation of media investment to business outcome." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "Many brands don't understand how to use all three approaches together because it's not a matter of picking one. You really want to use all three." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "The cheapest thing to do is run incrementality tests. You don't need a tool, all you need to do is run geo hold out experiments." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "When choosing an MTA or MMM, it is about how you look at your sales and media offline and online. If sales and media are mostly both, MTA is a really good tool for you." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

  • "If you find that most of your media is offline and most of your sales are offline, then you might find a better benefit out of MMM." -Joe Yakuel, WITHIN, Founder & CEO

About the speaker

Joe Yakuel



Joe is Founder and CEO of WITHIN

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