Rand’s #1 tip: Emails > Everything — Rand Fishkin // SparkToro

This is our 4th installment of Marketing Superstar Week with Rand Fishkin of SparkToro. So far this week, Rand and I have talked about his tips for building a startup that matches the founders goals. We talked a little bit about learning from your customers and developing your market. Yesterday, we talked about building a product lead marketing team and today, we're going to continue the conversation and Rand's gonna give us his number one tip for marketers, hint emails are kind of a big deal.

Show Notes


  • 2:58 Email outreach

  • 3:16 Feedback process

  • 3:56 Innovation thinking

  • 4:21 Find your core customers who are having the most success with what you're creating,

  • 7:49 Your product should help them do a problem that it should solve.

  • 9:33 Tips on how to get people on the podcast

  • 12:11 Brand association with a particular problem

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