Does thought leadership still work? — Joe Kingsbury // Edelman

Managing Director of Business Marketing at Edelman, Joe Kingsbury wraps up the discussion on Edelman’s thoughts about marketing. Companies are not only faced with the task of influencing brand perception with their content. They have to be able to measure the impact on business. Joe talks about evaluating content marketing and thought leadership.

Show Notes

  • 02:37
    Evaluating content strategies
    Connecting with an audience and shifting their thought process produces higher returns. Targeted strategies drive engagement with the right individuals.
  • 05:02
    Figuring out the business impact of thought leadership
    Digital KPIs must be taken into consideration. But companies must assess whether their strategies promote the transition from thought leadership to buyer intent.
  • 07:10
    Tools Edelman uses to evaluate the value of content
    Edelman uses a variety of platforms and partners familiar to the industry. Its essential to use tools that gather required data in relation to a companys thought leadership objectives.
  • 08:18
    Figuring out if your consumer is actually your target market
    Start with a clearly defined target audience. Identify customer segments that represent revenue potential and high value. Then create strategies focused on those groups.
  • 09:54
    Determining if your thought leadership works
    To figure out what works, companies should assess whether their strategies to generate revenue are directly connected to their thought leadership efforts.


  • "As it relates to thought leadership, one of the best indicators is whether youre actually driving engagement with the right kinds of companies and customer profiles." - Joe Kingsbury, Managing Director, Business Marketing, Edelman

  • "There's always the yin and yang of content marketing. I'll call it the PR measurement, which is what's the perception of the brand." - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

  • "The company has to be thoughtful about what exactly it is they want to accomplish. Then quarterly, which tools will generate the data needed." - Joe Kingsbury, Managing Director, Business Marketing, Edelman

  • "Once you've got your audience segmented out, measurement on the backend becomes easier. There's less sifting through to understand if youre getting to the right people." - Joe Kingsbury, Managing Director, Business Marketing, Edelman

  • "You need to think about how you're changing the perception of your brand with your content." - Benjamin Shapiro, Host, MarTech podcast

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