Amazon Week: Advertising Levers On & Off Amazon — Adam Weiler // Sunken Stone

This week we're doing a deep dive into one of the largest and fastest growing channels in e-commerce and beyond - Amazon. Each day this week, we're going to publish an episode that discusses what you need to know about launching, scaling and optimizing your brand's presence on Amazon. Joining us is our first repeat guest, Adam Weiler, who's an Amazon Expert, Coach, and Founder at Sunken Stone. In today's episode we're going to discuss different advertising levers on and off the Amazon Marketplace.

Show Notes

  • Amazon As An Overall e
    Commerce Strategy (03:14)
    Brands are going to be on Amazon whether they like it or not, so they should manage that correctly. The analogy Ill use is a bicycle wheel where the brand is the hub of the wheel and every channel or marketing lever is a spoke of the wheel. Brands should look at Amazon as another spoke in the wheel, because if you are doing it well and its well optimised, its only going to help other channels.

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