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Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media, discusses the principles of effective marketing. Great marketing doesn’t happen overnight and a lot of it boils down to understanding the principles of modern marketing. In his book, The Hawke Method: The Three Principles of Marketing that Made Over 3,000 Brands Soar, Erik covers a variety of ways marketers can avoid several marketing pitfalls and ultimately improve their conversions. Today, Erik talks about the Hawke method of marketing.
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Erik Huberman

Hawke Media

 - Hawke Media

Erik is the CEO of Hawke Media

Show Notes

  • 02:32
    The rationale for naming the book The Hawke Method
    The companys name was included in the books title in order to align it with the brand. Ultimately, they wanted to have their logo and name on bookshelves all over the world to drive brand awareness.
  • 03:13
    Why The Hawke Method was created
    Erik was aIready doing a lot of public speaking on the general principles of marketing. So, it was easy for him to create a book because the content was already in his head and easy to put on paper.
  • 04:40
    Using The Hawke Method as a money maker
    While getting the book on best-selling book lists created some credibility, it didnt drive sales. The most value was derived from sending it to their clients and employees to align their language with the books principles.
  • 07:10
    Dealing with distribution and becoming a bestseller
    Copies of The Hawke Method were sent to celebrities to share on their social media. Amazon and Facebook ads were run in addition to being listed in the top 10 books of the year lists, and a media tour was done as well.
  • 08:27
    Accelerating the sales cycle
    At times, marketers forget to nurture potential buyers between creating awareness and making the sale. This is generally done through email marketing, SMS, content, web design, etc to drive conversions.
  • 10:42
    Driving conversion rates
    Email, SMS, site development, etc all help to increase your conversion rates. And, all of these activities should be taking place during the nurturing process with potential buyers.
  • 11:13
    The broken nature of measuring return on ad
    Essentially, this is a broken metric that sees Facebook taking less credit than theyre supposed to. Its also led companies to mistakenly believe their ads are performing badly when they just need to understand modern marketing 101.
  • 13:12
    Measuring whats a last click conversion vs what drives value in the marketing cycle
    Ultimately, what you should be looking at is multi touch attribution. Many times, a variety of touchpoints are needed to engage a customer before they make a purchase such as some content, Facebook ads, search ads, etc.
  • 14:27
    Similarities between B2B and B2C marketing channels
    While the way in which you sell to B2B and B2C customers differ, the marketing channels are similar. What marketers must keep in mind is that B2B marketing is still about marketing to a person at a business, not the business itself.
  • 16:00
    Incorporating influencer marketing into the B2B marketing mix
    Influencer marketing can play a significant role in B2B marketing. Its all about identifying the thought leaders within your industry and having them talk about your product to their audience to increase your credibility.
  • 17:02
    The importance of getting the numbers right when measuring return on ad spend
    Digital agencies and eCommerce stores are down because they are misreporting their ad spend. So, when measuring return on ad spend, you must incorporate the purchase cycle and the lifetime value of the customer.


  • "When a book gets on a bestselling list, do you see a jump in sales? The answer is no. People that read those lists don't go out and buy those books." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "We sent 250 gift boxes with The Hawke Method book for people to share. So, we had all sorts of celebrities sharing the book on their Instagrams and on their social media." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "We pre-sold a ton of books by running Facebook ads and PR. We're also on a bunch of major book lists like top 10 books of the year by Forbes, etc." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "These days, people have forgotten the idea of a purchase cycle in sales. You don't talk to someone and close them on the first call. Its not like most people click, add and buy the thing right away." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "The average sales cycle is between three weeks and three months. So, if you're not doing things during those three weeks to three months, potential buyers just forget about you." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "The biggest thing people miss right now in marketing is the purchase cycle, even measuring it in their ROI. Thats the number one reason why Facebook is struggling right now." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "Marketing doesn't change as fast as people think it does. The two best channels to market a new product or service online for the past decade are Google and Facebook." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "We have an initiative that we started at the beginning of the year to stop measuring return on ad spend. That number is just broken by nature." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "Understanding that it took that piece of content, that Facebook ad, that search ad, and that email to sell someone is really important data." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "Does what works for eCommerce work for B2B? The answer is yes. The same people buying your shoes are the same people buying B2B services. It's a person." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "ROAS is bullshit. So, when you're measuring return on ad spend, make sure you're incorporating the purchase cycle and lifetime value of that customer." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

  • "The average eCommerce company on Shopify is down 10%-20% because they're not reading their marketing right. They're pulling back on all their ad spends not realizing that it's literally just misreporting." -Erik Huberman, CEO, Hawke Media

About the speaker

Erik Huberman

Hawke Media

 - Hawke Media

Erik is the CEO of Hawke Media

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