Next-Level Virtual Event Production — Daniel Moss // We and Goliath

Daniel Moss, Co-Founder & Lead Strategist at We & Goliath, discusses strategies with innovative technology to create virtual experiences. The way we attend conferences and network changed drastically as a result of the pandemic. Virtual events and webinars emerged as the best alternative to face-to-face meetings, and continue to thrive. Today, Daniel talks about next level virtual event production.

Show Notes

  • 02:13
    Getting started in virtual event production
    When doing workshops and other interactive content, you should go live directly into the platform. Invest in proper audio, video, lighting, and internet, to upgrade production value.
  • 04:01
    Picking the right platform for virtual event production
    Platforms vary based on industry and topics of interest. Prerecorded sessions offer the best opportunities to upgrade production and avoid the risk of unreliable internet connections.
  • 06:55
    Virtual event production audio and video equipment
    USB mics are recommended over condenser mics. For video, a laptop or an affordable Logitech webcam will suffice. However, lighting is most important in this regard.
  • 08:57
    How to achieve better video quality
    If youre only doing occasional virtual events, a high quality, HD webcam will do the job. Two LED lights, placed on either side of you, at about 45 degrees, are recommended.
  • 11:02
    How to execute a virtual event
    Complete the run of show review with your team to ensure all members are comfortable with the plan and technology. Arrange notes, do rehearsals and practice transitions beforehand.


  • "With $100 to $200 of gear, you can get a nice HD camera, LED lights, a USB microphone, and an ethernet cable. When you're going live directly, that's your starting point." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "When theres an important event going on, some of the ways we want to up level the production are things like custom graphics, video animation, pre-records." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "The internet is the number one risk factor for a live event. WiFiis so convenient, but it's not the most reliable thing out there." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "Our number one tip is, get an ethernet cable. Be hardwired into your modem or router. You'll get better audio and better video." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "My go-to mic is the Samsung Q2U. It's a performance mic, and it does a great job of reducing background noise." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "If you're just doing virtual events occasionally, something like elgato, Logitech, or the Razer Kiyo Pro will be sufficient. There's a lot of cameras out there in the $150 range." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "If you have a good camera with bad lighting, youll still look bad. I recommend two LED lights, at 45 degrees, on either side of you." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

  • "If you're going to use an outline, frame it up right under your webcam. When you're reading, people on the other side feel like you're looking at them." -Daniel Moss, Co-Founder, We & Goliath

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