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Mike Rizzo, Founder of, discusses why community could be the next big thing in marketing. 20 years ago, there wasn’t much of a roadmap or community for marketing ops personnel navigating the technical challenges. A decade later saw the rise of marketing ops being formally recognized as a function within organizations and marketing teams, and active marketing ops communities online. Today, Mike talks about building the marketing operations community.
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Mike Rizzo / MO Pros

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Mike is the Founder of

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  • 02:20
    How and its community got started
    Marketing operations lack a space to elevate your career and marketing ops. The community provides that space and connects industry professionals.
  • 05:12
    MarketingOps.coms transition from a networking tool into a community
    Automating the invitation and acceptance process sped up the growth of the community. Partnerships with early members led to the ambassador and other present-day programs.
  • 07:37
    Why became the go
    Marketing operation personnel lacked access to many resources within their organizations. Plus, members were often misunderstood due to the function not being that well defined.
  • 09:57
    The marketing ops function as the path to the CMO role
    These days, the marketing ops function is the most likely path to the CMO position. However, not every marketing ops person needs to transition into the CMO role.
  • 14:07
    Perks of being a member of the community
    Members get access to the community forum to ask career related questions and answers other members have already shared. The remaining programs will launch with
  • 15:57
    Migrating to
    Upon its launch, user profiles will speak to their credibility as marketing operations professionals. The aim is to provide a deeply niche verticalized LinkedIn experience.
  • 17:13
    Providing value through media creation and content partnerships
    The podcast features practitioner-led discussions about career growth and how to handle more complex issues. Co-branded material is often tangential to the software itself.
  • 19:13
    Recruiting marketing ops talent from the community
    The free Slack community is a good place to look for talent within the community. They also offer programs and have partners that help introduce you to talent.


  • "Marketing ops as a function has been around for 20 years. But, I don't think it was a formally recognized function within an organization or marketing team for the last like decade or so." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • "At 120 people a month was the big light bulb moment when I said this needs to be an environment that is constructive and valuable to people." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • " used to be run by an organization and had an attached community. But, they stopped focusing on that community and it was the right opportunity to build something special for folks." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • "Marketing automation was born and marketing operations came in to make it work and tackle the mess that was unleashed upon the business world." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • "The path to the CMO is very likely through the marketing ops function these days. A lot of it has to do with understanding the foundations of building a go-to-market motion with technology." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • "Theres a folder on my browser from 15 years ago about the path to the CMO. And what I realized was that it might not be for me. And that's okay." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • "The No Bullshit Demo is a program we intentionally worked with the community on. The idea is that you deserve to look at some of the top MarTech solutions out there without having to talk to sales." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

  • "We're agnostic of any one provider, technology agency, or otherwise. We exist for the purpose of marketing ops." -Mike Rizzo, Founder,

About the speaker

Mike Rizzo / MO Pros

 - / MO Pros

Mike is the Founder of

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