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Will Haire, Founder and CEO of BellaVix, talks about how to use Amazon's DSP for higher ROI and increased sales. When you’re selling higher-priced products, you must first build awareness and credibility before focusing on the bottom of the funnel. You’ll have to deal with a longer consideration time, and you’ll need an effective full-funnel advertising strategy. Today, Will discusses using Amazon's DSP to drive demand.
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Will Haire


 - BellaVix

Will is Founder and CEO of BellaVix

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  • 02:10
    The integration of Amazons tools and software into the web experience
    Buy with Amazon was recently released to allow users to check out using the Amazon process. Its a plugin integration for your website enabling users to benefit from 2-day shipping.
  • 04:07
    Amazons DSP vs Facebook and Google
    Amazons DSP outperforms Facebook and Google from a programmatic perspective. Audiences are based on shopping behavior and eCommerce data.
  • 05:49
    Leveraging programmatic advertising the right way
    Programmatic advertising is good for full-funnel marketing and advertising. For advertisers, its about leveraging having your brand or product show up for relevant searches.
  • 07:20
    Amazon DSP off
    Amazon has many other web properties where you can show your products, do custom display ads or videos. So, you can target people on and off of Amazon to bring them into the funnel.
  • 09:00
    How paid advertising influences organic growth
    Paid advertising influences how Amazon ranks your product. Amazons algorithm can be trained to show the specific keywords you rank and sell well for, leading to growth in organic ranking.
  • 10:56
    Amazon DSP and service providers
    While clients are mainly in eCommerce, they currently work with some service providers. Amazon Local provides ing service elements to have a better shopper experience
  • 12:46
    Amazon as an advertising channel for non
    Its mid and upper funnel advertising and dependent on the cost of your services. With at least a monthly budget of 10K, you can vet the different audiences and opportunities on the platform.
  • 14:09
    Costs to advertise on Amazon
    A 2022 study found that Amazon is one of the cheapest CPC platforms today. The average cost per click is between 87 to 89 cents and depends on the category of your products.
  • 15:25
    Getting started with the Amazon DSP platform
    Sponsored display ads provide a good indication of potential ROI from targeting specific types of products. Leveraging DSP as a full-funnel tactic depends on several variables and takes time.
  • 18:16
    How to prioritize of bottom, mid, and top of funnel marketing tactics
    Target competitor listings by leveraging the PPC platform. Then, leverage the programmatic advertising strategy to get in front of the right demographic of customers.


  • "60% of all eCommerce searches happen on Amazon. We have internal data that shows about 20% of website traffic will spill over to Amazon as they cross check reviews." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "From a programmatic perspective, we tend to see better performance using Amazon's DSP network than we do on Google or Facebook." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "The tracking ability of websites is affecting search and has put a hamper on Facebook through iOS and Google's devices. Amazon isnt affected as much because everything is done through the application." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "Generally, there's a fulfillment center within 100 miles of every major city, which allows two day shipping to be possible. So there's lots of reasons why Amazon has this foothold." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "Programmatic advertising is one of the best tools we have to grow into full-funnel, advertising and marketing, to get through sales stagnation and help grow brands accordingly." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "Advertising sales velocity influences organic sales velocity. There's lots of indirect benefits, getting more reviews, getting more validation around your listing, and getting improved organic ranking." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "You could train Amazon's A9 algorithm to show what specific keywords you rank and sell really well for. Once you hit certain levels of sales, they don't go away." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "Run Amazon DSP for 90 days. You should have at least a $10,000 a month budget to vet the different audiences and the opportunity on the platform." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "Amazon is still one of the cheapest cost per click platforms out there. It was 68% cheaper than Google, 44% cheaper than Facebook,and 25% cheaper than Walmart." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "As we achieve product maturity, the goal is to be able to use full funnel tactics across the entire funnel, leveraging DSP. But it's something that's grown into and takes time." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "If you do nothing else, you should have pay per click ads running in the background to always be capturing in-market." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

  • "Make sure you're protecting your real estate from competitors by leveraging the PPC platform. Then leverage your programmatic advertising strategy to get in front of the right demographic of customers." -Will Haire, Founder CEO, BellaVix

About the speaker

Will Haire


 - BellaVix

Will is Founder and CEO of BellaVix

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