Sponsorships explained

Podcast sponsorships on the MarTech Podcast are bespoke marketing campaigns designed to help you reach your business’s positioning, awareness, and lead generation goals.

We help our sponsors deliver impactful messaging to the MarTech community that drive measurable business results, through a combination of these promotional products:

  • Advertorial content

  • Integrated audio ads

  • Programmatic & social content syndication

  • Direct email / Newsletter outreach

  • Direct response retargeting

Our typical sponsorship relationships typically range from $5K – 25K for a campaign that last between 2 weeks to 2 months.

Our campaigns can reach tens of thousands of marketers, generate hundreds of hours of content consumptions, have produces hundreds of highly qualified net-new leads.

We use Podsights Analytics, an advanced IP matching technology, to connect our podcast downloads to your on-site activity, giving your marketing team clear attribution into the impact of its sponsorship campaigns.

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