How sustainable SaaS growth looks — Rob Freedman // Zuper (copy)

Rob Freedman, Head of Growth at Zuper, talks about how SaaS companies are leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to not just grow exponentially, but strategically. While SaaS growth in the past employed a “grow at all costs” approach, sustainable growth today looks drastically different. The challenge for marketers today is maintaining the balance between a cost-effective customer acquisition strategy, predictable growth, and customer retention. Today, Rob discusses how sustainable SaaS growth looks.

Show Notes

  • 02:45
    What sustainable SaaS growth looks like
    Sustainable SaaS growth means moving away from a "grow at all costs" mentality to steady and predictable growth. It involves balancing the cost of customer acquisition while maintaining a healthy bottom line and limiting churn.
  • 04:45
    Leading and trailing indicators for modern growth strategies
    In modern growth strategies, leading indicators focus on customer acquisition costs and accurate forecasting of customer lifetime value. Trailing indicators include monitoring churn rates and analyzing competitor performance.
  • 06:07
    Balancing growth and customer acquisition costs
    Companies sometimes outgrow their marketing strategies, resulting in an influx of smaller leads and customers. At this stage, businesses must decide whether theyll work with these customers or not, and this decision affects CAC, CLV, and the overall direction of the product.
  • 07:49
    Benchmarks for driving sustainable growth
    Marketers should be more involved in customer success metrics than they were previously. By leveraging intent data to identify any signs that customers may be considering competitors, they can devise strategies to retain customers and increase customer lifetime value.
  • 08:59
    Evolution of the channel mix for sustainable growth
    Facebook is no longer the dominant channel, but relevant channels include Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, podcasting, thought leadership, and implementing an SEO strategy. Other channels to consider include SEO for AI and the fact that growth marketers are now community builders.


  • "The way I look at sustainable SAS growth right now is we are no longer in the age of grow at all costs." -Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, Zuper

  • "Right now, looking at sustainable growth, what can we do that provides steady, predictable, forecastable growth? That's the key, and also maintaining costs and limiting churn." -Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, Zuper

  • "It's much cheaper to keep a customer. And, if you can get better lifetime value metrics, that really helps the bottom line, the CAC number." -Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, Zuper

  • "A lot of places that I've been, customer success and marketing don't really talk a whole lot, not as much as they should." -Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, Zuper

  • "There is SEO for AI that you now need to build out pages and content with that in mind, so it's accountable and searchable for the AI tools as well." -Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, Zuper

  • "Growth marketers are also community builders now. And they need to be able to help their company build not just digital communities, but also ones that bridge to the in person." -Rob Freedman, Head of Growth, Zuper

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